Sergio Bonelli Editore: here is the new collection Gli Orrori di Altroquando by Dylan Dog

Sergio Bonelli Editore: here is the new collection Gli Orrori di Altroquando by Dylan Dog
It was inaugurated with Gli Horrors of Altroquando the new series by Dylan Dog dedicated to "Graphic Novel d’Author". Over the years, many great masters of comics have lent their pencil to the famous character created by Tiziano Sclavi. So let's start reproposing those stories in a format that best enhances the graphic work of these great authors, starting from this episode, now considered a classic, signed by Tiziano Sclavi and Maestro Attilio Micheluzzi.

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The Horrors of Altrowhen it is one of the milestones of the Dylan Dog universe. It collects a handful of short stories related to the most diverse genres, a series of fulminating, hilarious, painful visions arising from the pen of Tiziano Sclavi. The volume is accompanied by an afterword by Franco Busatta and an interview with Attilio Micheluzzi by Michele Masiero, originally published in March 1989 in "Fumo di China", the longest-running fanzine on Italian comics which later became a veritable magazine of comic criticism.

Let's remember that Dylan Dog: The Trilogy of Darkness is also coming, the new minisaga dedicated to the Investigator of the Nightmare. This is the second minisaga of the famous comic book character after Dylan Dog 666, the new beginning and reboot of the series conceived by Roberto Recchioni (of which you can read our interview), who wants to show once again his setting of the stories of the most famous detective of the 'occult.

In this new trilogy, Dylan will have to face an old enemy, which fans of the character surely know very well: it is the real incarnation of the dark, the black man, the son of darkness Mana Cerace . The latter appeared in the first hundred issues of Dylan Dog thanks to the pen of Claudio Chiaverotti, the historic author of Bonelli Editore and creator of Morgan Lost, a new character of the Italian publishing house.

Gli Orrori di Altroquando รจ can be ordered on Amazon in both hardcover and paperback versions. Here is the purchase page!