PS5: gang robs moving trucks to steal one

PS5: gang robs moving trucks to steal one
It is no mystery that PS5 stocks for the rest of 2020 are practically dwindled, which will, in all likelihood, force many people who were planning to buy one to put under the tree at Christmas to desist from '. enterprise. It is not just a matter of simple scarcity of raw materials, however: in the past few weeks, in fact, all sorts of things have happened, including parcels stolen by not very diligent couriers and incomprehensible deliveries of air fryers and other appliances, without counting the groups organized dedicated to resale at increased prices. What we are about to tell you, however, has no equal among the previous episodes: it seems, in fact, that some criminals have organized themselves to steal the PS5 directly during the delivery process.

According to some reports that have also appeared in the Times, well-known British newspaper, it seems that some gangs have equipped themselves to rob trucks bound for department stores during their run, using a technique that has always been known as "rollover". This is a rather simple operation, as highlighted in the video below (dating back to 2012): the criminal vehicle approaches the truck from behind, allowing a member of the group to force the tailgate and enter undisturbed, and then begin to take the content, all trying not to be noticed by the driver.

Incredible as it may seem, it is a rather cleared technique in criminal circles, also because the moment of delivery is considered "the weak link" the process of distributing any tangible asset. Unfortunately, this method would seem to work: in the United Kingdom it has already been used more than two dozen times (as many as 27, limited to reported and identified cases) in the course of 2020, numbers that have risen in recent weeks also due to the "fault" of PlayStation 5.

Although the news may leave you shocked and, at first, even amused, it is actually a rather serious problem and has already been known to the police for many years: at this point, we do not all that remains is to hope that there have been no cases in Italy!

Recovering a PS5 in its current state is almost impossible, but if you already own one you could consider using it to have improved performance on Cyberpunk 2077!