PlayStation beats Xbox in an IQ test, but PC remains the master race

PlayStation beats Xbox in an IQ test, but PC remains the master race
The diatribe between PlayStation and Xbox has persisted for twenty years now and is mostly fueled by discussions - often of dubious constructive value - on social media, as well as by the free interpretation of some external analysis that occasionally pops up online. The Royal Panda agency, for example, has seen fit to formulate a study that analyzed the average IQ of gamers, with the help of unspecified experts and academics who have examined, on a sample basis, the behavior of over a thousand people. on different platforms.

The analysis was divided into a quiz divided into four parts, which measured verbal intelligence, logical reasoning, mathematical ability and visual reasoning, after having completed the participants a questionnaire to determine their preferences. According to the study, PC gamers are the smartest of all, with an average IQ of 112.3. Among the consoles, PlayStation 4 users achieved an average score of 110.7, Xbox One users 103.8, and Switch users 101.3. To close the ranking, mobile players with a score of 99.4.

The analysis has been divided not only by platforms, but also by genres, which would see FPS fans in the top positions (with Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty Modern Warfare placed first and fourth respectively). In the top 5, also Among Us, Minecraft and FIFA. To close the second ranking (rather detached) are Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, both mobile video games. Around 100 points, on the other hand, multi-platform video games such as Fortnite, The Sims, Mario Kart, GTA Online and Assassin's Creed were positioned.

Rainbow Six Siege - 120.3 IQ Among Us - 118.9 IQ Minecraft - 116.3 IQ Call of Duty Modern Warfare - 111.2 IQ FIFA - 106.5 IQ Fall Guys - 105.8 IQ ​​Animal Crossing - 104.8 IQ ​​Fortnite - 103.6 IQ The Sims - 103.6 IQ Mario Kart - 99.9 IQ Grand Theft Auto Online - 99.6 IQ Assassin's Creed - 99.6 IQ Rocket League - 99.3 IQ Candy Crush Saga - 96.4 IQ Angry Birds - 95.8 IQ ​​Finally, as regards the IQ of PC platforms and mobile, Apple users have placed themselves ahead of Windows in the PC field (108.2 against 106.7), but losing clearly against Android in the field of smartphones and tablets (110.3 against 102.1).

What do you think? Do you think that a sample of only 1000 people is enough to have a reliable analysis on hand, or not? Please let us know in the comments section!

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