New obstacle for the Berlin Gigafactory: this time because of the snakes

New obstacle for the Berlin Gigafactory: this time because of the snakes
The construction of the new Gigafactory in Berlin does not seem to have a smooth road: the obstacles and inconveniences for the continuation of the works that will lead to the creation of the great European Tesla factory continue.

The new stop to the works comes from a German court that ordered the imminent suspension of the clearing of the nearby forest following an appeal from the same environmentalists, in order to defend trees and the habitat of the animals, in this case a species of snakes.

Not surprisingly, however, the same British news agency, Reuters, recalls that Tesla's permission to start construction depends on conditional approval by local authorities, who are obliged to consult environmental groups and the community. >
The protection of the natural environment could therefore hamper the CEO's objectives of opening the first European Gigafactory by July 2021. It is not the first time that environmentalists have taken steps to protect the local fauna, which the deforestation linked to the establishment of the plant is inevitably creating. Elon Musk's electric car company has started the clearing of 92 hectares of forest in Gruenheide for the construction of the European site. In this regard, the environmental group Naturschutzbund Brandenburg (NABU) also expressed its concern for the safeguarding of the needs of the Coronella Austriaca species, which spends the winter season precisely in the areas adjacent to the future Tesla site.

A recent the project had stopped due to the company's non-payment of the water service. Let's not forget that once active, the plant should consume a quantity of water equal to 3.3 million cubic meters per year. However, following the acceptance by the US company to reduce consumption to 1.4 million cubic meters.

It cannot be excluded that when the plant is completed, it will represent a key point for the development and production of electric cars in Europe. According to Tesla's chief executive, the battery factory that will be built in Berlin will be the most important in the world and will produce up to 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y at the same time.

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