LineTime: an app can help against Alzheimer's

LineTime: an app can help against Alzheimer's
Turin-based startup Garycom this year launched the LineTime game that challenges users to rearrange a series of events in chronological order. A concept as simple as it is compelling that has so far seen over 3.5 million challenges played and which could be useful in the fight against Alzheimer's. This is the goal of some of the innovations that will be introduced during 2021.

LineTime, useful functions against Alzheimer's are coming

Recording the events of one day and the next vision with "Create your story" and "Relive your story" will help people with the disease to keep their mind active, to train it, in a fun and engaging way, thus helping to preserve precious memories. These are the words of Eugenio Garibaldi, founder and CEO of the Turin startup.

In Europe, 20% of users have a significant disability for the use of digital products as we understand them today and cases of dementia are destined to increase . The user experience, and the products we develop, must consider a slice of the population that cannot be neglected in the near future. Being able to provide support in this regard is the most important challenge for us. Thanks to the resources available and the support of organizations such as the Turin Memory Clinic, we believe we can succeed and this gives us a lot of confidence for the future.

Italy is the third country in the world for the number of people suffering from some form of dementia with 1.4 million total cases, 600,000 of which can be traced back to Alzheimer's. Initiatives such as the one put in place by Garycom with LineTime could be useful at least to raise awareness on the issue and push for awareness, an important first step to address it.

Source: Linetime