Intel, Ice Lake-SP may have more cores than expected

Intel, Ice Lake-SP may have more cores than expected
According to a score that appeared in the Geekbench database, it appears that Intel's upcoming Ice Lake-SP processors may have more cores than the company has advertised to date. In fact, at least one server vendor is already testing engineering samples of such chips, which appear to have 36 cores capable of reaching quite a high frequency.

When Intel recently unveiled its third generation Xeon scalable processor “Ice Lake-SP” illustrated some performance expectations using a 32-core Xeon Platinum CPU, which implied that it would be the company's flagship offering, but apparently it isn't.

Geekbench 5 CPU
Intel $ 0000% (Ice Lake SP?)

Topology: 2 Processors, 72 Cores, 144 Threads

Identifier: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 106 Stepping 5

Base Frequency3.60 GHz


L1 Instruction: 32 KB x 36

L1 Data: 48 KB x 36

L2 : 1.25 MB x 36

L3: 54 MB x 1

- Leakbench (@leakbench) December 4, 2020

Someone with access to Asustek's Y4R-A1-ASUS-G1 server posted five Geek tests bench machine discovered by Leakbench on Twitter. The system is animated by two 36-core Intel Family 6 Model 106 Stepping 5 processors (acronym indicating Ice Lake-SP) accompanied by 512GB of DDR4 memory.

According to data from GeekBench, the 36-core Ice Lake-SP processor is equipped with an L2 cache of 1.25MB per core (45MB in total), a unified L3 cache of 54MB and a base frequency of 3.60GHz. If the system reports base frequency correctly, the 36-core Ice Lake-SP can actually hit really good speeds. To put the number in context, AMD's 32-core AMD EPYC 7002 series can run at 2.90GHz base and up to 3.40GHz of boost frequency. However, it is possible that your system is reporting CPU clock speed incorrectly.

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As for the actual Geekbench 5 score, the system achieved 946 single-core points and a multi-core score of 35,812, which isn't particularly high. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the CPUs run at a relatively low frequency, a common situation with engineering samples. Ice Lake-SP during Q1 2021.

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