Humble announces the new exclusive Bundle dedicated to Pathfinder

Humble announces the new exclusive Bundle dedicated to Pathfinder
There are so many online collections of books related to Pathfinder, but perhaps none are like this one organized by Humble which also allows you to collect donations for the charity Comic Books for Kids.

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Paizo has decided to make a collection called Pathfinder Monster Lore Humble RPG Book Bundle and dozens of volumes about stories, bestiary are included and other creatures for the first edition of the fantasy RPG. Buyers can split the payment between the publisher and Comic Books for Kids, a non-profit charity that distributes smaller suitable comics and graphic novels, along with related toys, to more than 160 hospitals and cancer centers. >
The bundles are divided into three tiers: the first of 4.21 euros unlocks DRM-free PDFs for various undead and demon themed manuals, such as Hell Unleashed and the Undead Slayer Manual. The ebooks at this level will provide Masters and players with many options to face new enemies and create characters with new gear, traits and backgrounds to help them in their fight for survival.

The second level from 8.42 euros locks books focusing on more classic fantasy beasts: dragons, giants, bears and everything else that comes to mind when you imagine exploring the dungeons around the table. Mythical Monsters Revisited introduces creatures from real-world myths to Pathfinder campaigns, allowing players to answer Sphynx's puzzles or try their hand at a kraken offshore. Like the previous level, both manuals focusing on monster settings and player options for managing them are included.

The last level, which costs € 15.17 to unlock, becomes strange as it provides a jumble of ebooks showing monsters from the deep sea, elf dwellers, cosmic dwellers and other mysterious individuals. The Misfit Monsters Redeemed showcases a pass design for the most outlandish enemies, while some supplements cover topics about how a player might recruit and work alongside the inhabitants of their monstrous world.

The Pathfinder Monster Lore Humble RPG Book Bundle can be purchased via this link!