Halo Infinite: Bonnie Ross promises a 2021 full of surprises

Halo Infinite: Bonnie Ross promises a 2021 full of surprises
It is certainly no secret that 2020 has been a disastrous year for everyone to say the least. In addition to a health situation that has almost put us on our knees on a global level, our beloved videogame industry has also suffered considerable damage. In fact, every single company has had to change their cards in tables, sometimes risking big and angering their fans. As you well know by now even the long-awaited Halo Infinite has suffered "damage" forcing the development team to postpone the project.

This decision has not only left the launch of Microsoft consoles without a flagship exclusivity, but has also definitely generated an interminable controversy. The new title of the saga was officially shown last summer, receiving somewhat negative feedback from fans and critics worldwide. This avalanche of controversy has plunged 343 Industries into a somewhat unusual silence, leaving Halo fans for months without concrete information on the title.

Just a few weeks ago the rumors about the new chapter started to circulate again, giving some more certainty to the various fans waiting. In fact, to reassure fans even more, Bonnie Ross (founder of 343 Industries) also intervened with an official statement. While not releasing who knows what important detail, the chief of 343 Industries reassured fans about the state of Halo Infinite, guaranteeing the release of the title during this fall. In addition, Ross has specified that 2021 will be a year full of surprises for the saga.

Unfortunately, the founder did not miss other details besides those specified above. A slight consolation certainly but that gives us confidence in the project and slightly rekindles the flame that has been extinguished for a few months. We hope not to see any further hitches with Halo Infinite and to have the game in your hands (and on our consoles) as soon as possible!

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