Google brings Zoom to the Nest Hub Max smart display

Google brings Zoom to the Nest Hub Max smart display
Google has confirmed the inclusion of support for video calling on Zoom for its Nest Hub Max device, initially limited to the territories of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Although the smart display is not officially available in Italy (in the US it is sold for $ 229), the news is interesting as it testifies to the opening of the Mountain View group towards the implementation of third-party solutions within its products.

Zoom video calls on Nest Hub Max

Zoom thus joins Meet and Duo, platforms managed directly by bigG, allowing you to take part in business meetings and family meetings by doing relying exclusively on the small screen of the smart home. The Nest Hub model on sale also in our country (read the review) does not offer functionality support as it does not have the necessary video camera.

The user can ask the artificial intelligence of the Google Assistant to start a video call or join a scheduled one in the calendar with a simple voice command, without even touching the display.

Zoom is among the companies that have benefited most from the situation that has arisen globally in 2020, with the imposition of measures for distancing and the obligation to rely on online tools for communication. The news of the arrival of vaccines for COVID-19 consequently immediately curbed the company's run on the stock market.

Source: Google