Facebook, stop the controls on child abuse

Facebook, stop the controls on child abuse
Starting today, Facebook and other groups will have greater restrictions on access to private communications, being able to steal less data to better protect user privacy. This is a dutiful and important intervention imposed by European regulations, but the strict application of the legislation seems to have some contraindications that the authorities themselves will now have the duty to examine carefully.

Stop looking for child abuse among the messages

One of the first consequences, in fact, lies in the impossibility of a service like Facebook to analyze private communications even in search of potential channels of dissemination or testimony of child abuse. The technology had been put in place in the past years and could allow the messages of millions of users to be scanned, highlighting any dangerous or illegal situations. Now all this will no longer be possible because, in the name of privacy, messages can no longer be analyzed.

Clearly the balance point exists, but it must be found. Facebook had previously warned of what would happen and had suggested to the European authorities to identify a solution before today's deadline. This has not happened and therefore starting from today the "ePrivacy Directive" will also weigh on consciences as a side effect of a barrier placed against an increasingly intrusive presence of big tech in the lives of individuals.

Facebook launches a lifesaver to the EU, saying it is willing to work together to find a solution to this problem: "we intend to work with the European authorities to defend both privacy and security", with the further hope for which this knot can become a base from which to start to untie many other similar ones. The password is the following: "privacy and security". With compromises that can work in favor of both the interests of the company and the safety of citizens. The fact that the first step to jump is a technology that identifies potential child abuse is probably a sufficiently strong lever to advise all parties involved to make a particular commitment to arrive at the desired compromise as soon as possible.

Source: Facebook