Epic Store: Get this survival game for free today

Epic Store: Get this survival game for free today
You can still get the new free game from the Epic Games Store until today, December 20th at 5pm. The Long Dark is about survival in a world that has frozen to ice.

The next free game is a survival game

The Long Dark not only offers you the well-known survival fare, in you just have to look for food and raw materials in order to stay alive and to build your equipment. The game also tells an exciting story. In several episodes you will learn what happened to the world and why everything suddenly turns to ice. But it is also your job, according to Dr. To look for Astrid Greenwood, who disappeared after a plane crash.

You are exploring a world that is 50 km² in size. There you don't have to face zombies for a change, but fight against the weather and wild animals make your life difficult. You can find useful items everywhere, including tools, weapons, clothing and first aid materials. You have to set traps to get food and take action against hypothermia and even frostbite. You can also choose between different game modes, including permadeath. If you die, you have to start over.

You can still get The Long Dark game for free from the Epic Games Store until 5pm today. Then the next free game will be activated. What this is about is not yet clear. All you have to do is transfer the free games to your library. As soon as they are there, you can play them for as long as you want.

In the Epic Games Store, it is also possible until January 7, 2021 to get bargains as part of the holiday offers.

Source: Epic Games Store