Enel X, more than 90,000 charging points available in Europe

Enel X, more than 90,000 charging points available in Europe
Enel X continues with the optimization of its charging network dedicated to new electric vehicles, surpassing the 90,000 public charging points available to all users in the Juicepass app.

At the beginning of 2020 the points available were 10,000 and, inevitably, the increase in infrastructures is the result of a great deal of work carried out by Enel X through various interoperability agreements, concluded during the year with various commercial partners.

Enel X has carried out an important milestone in terms of contribution to mass diffusion on the electric mobility market, reaching over 90 thousand charging points available through JuicePass, substantially increasing the coverage of the service as well as the DC charging points accessible to its end users compared to a year ago. Our mission is to offer an easy and borderless charging experience, exploiting the potential for simplification and reducing the problem of autonomy by installing smart public charging stations and enabling the eRoaming interoperability technologies offered by Hubject, the largest electric mobility in Europe, says Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X.

Not surprisingly, interoperability allows users of the Enel X JuicePass app to be able to recharge their electric vehicles anywhere in Europe with credentials unique and on a network that has well over 90,000 public charging points, including alternating current (AC) charging points up to 43 kW, fast charging in direct current (DC) up to 50 kW and High Power Charging technologies over 100 kW.

The difficult times we live in are stimulating us to work even harder to achieve a transition to zero-emission mobility, in line with our integrated vision of decarbonisation and global diffusion of electric mobility. To do this, we provide JuicePass, a single interface that allows both users, for their electric vehicles, and companies, for their fleets, to access an ever-expanding network and meet their sustainable mobility needs. , clean, smart and fast.

However, in the course of 2021 Enel X customers will inevitably benefit from a further growing number of recharging points available on the JuicePass app. Thanks to investments and interoperability agreements, the company has in fact optimized the overall network of public and private recharging points available to users, exceeding a quota of approximately 170,000. The goal set for 2023, in line with trend growth, aims to reach approximately 780,000 charging points available worldwide.

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