Dafne Keen hopes for the return of X-23 following the announcement of Deadpool 3

Dafne Keen hopes for the return of X-23 following the announcement of Deadpool 3
Logan star Dafne Keen would like to reprise her role as X-23 in upcoming Marvel movies after learning the news that the Deadpool franchise has been officially acquired by Marvel Studios. With all the latest news involving Marvel studios, anything is certainly possible.

In fact, news has recently been released regarding Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina who will reprise their roles in previous Spider-Man films , in the next film with Tom Holland. Ryan Reynolds will continue to play Deadpool even after Marvel Studios take over the franchise who also revealed they have plans for the Fantastic Four.

Even after all these announcements, nothing has been said yet about the destiny that will be up to the X-Men, characters much loved by the general public and who already boast a large number of films. Dafne Keen, however, is very optimistic about the return to the big screen of X-23 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and would like to resume the story of the character where she left off with the film Logan.

The young actress has also reported, in a recent interview: “I am very confident. I'm trying not to raise my expectations too much in case it doesn't, but I really hope my wish can come true because I loved playing X-23. This character has a very special place in my heart and has an incredible story. To be honest, the recent Deadpool 3 news really made me happy because obviously when Disney bought Fox, I suspected they weren't going to make more R-rated movies.

A comforting news, therefore, for all Deadpool fans and good hopes, however, for those who dream of a return of the X-Men in style and their official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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