Cyberpunk 2077: patch 1.03 fixes various bugs and problems

Cyberpunk 2077: patch 1.03 fixes various bugs and problems
Although not even a day has passed since the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED is already planning a patch 1.03 coming soon to PC and all other platforms. In fact, yesterday, the work of the Polish team was able to welcome a substantial update bringing it to version 1.02 which solved several bugs related to progression and gameplay.

Despite all this, the game seems to struggle a lot on PS4 and Xbox One, resulting at times not playable. It must be said that Cyberpunk 2077 is really a mammoth title, and it was quite plausible that on the old gen consoles it had particular problems, so the Polish team needs to really roll up their sleeves by working on a series of patches that inevitably improve. the gaming experience. From what we are seeing is what is happening right now, although it is not yet known exactly when the expected patch will be available.

According to reports, the new update will solve various technical problems and bugs in addition to improve overall stability. Patch 1.03 will improve PC stability for RTX GPUs, fix PS4 and Xbox One crashes, and then fix console framerate issues and graphics glitches related to game textures. Also will be fixed loading, performance and other minor problems. In short, on paper it is a substantial update that could somehow solve, at least in part, those annoying problems that users are experiencing in these hours.

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