COVID-19 vaccines: Twitter against disinformation

COVID-19 vaccines: Twitter against disinformation
Vaccines for COVID-19 have been the subject of disinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories even before being synthesized in the laboratory, let alone now that the global administration campaign is kicking off. Twitter also intends to do its part in fighting the phenomenon. Jack Dorsey's social network thus aligns itself with the position already taken by Facebook and Google.

Twitter for correct information on coronavirus vaccines

Strict rules are already in place on the platform. coronavirus issue: ban on publishing misleading information regarding the nature of the pathogen and its spread, the effectiveness and safety of treatments or prevention tools, the exemption from restrictive measures imposed by national authorities and the mortality of the disease. Add to this what was declared today.

In the context of the global pandemic, misinformation on vaccines presents a growing and significant challenge to public health. We all have a role to play in dealing with it. We are focused on limiting misleading information that poses the greatest potential risk to people's health and well-being. Twitter has an important responsibility as a venue for good faith debate and discussions regarding critical public health issues.

New policy in effect starting in the coming weeks will target the theories of those who support the vaccines are a weapon to exterminate or control the world population (did someone say 5G and microchips?), the posts of those who talk about undocumented side effects and the interventions of those who despite everything continue to define COVID-19 a staging .

Starting from 2021, alongside the potentially misleading tweets, a label could finally appear that warns of their nature. All this thanks to a mix of manual review by those who collaborate with the social network and algorithms trained ad hoc for this purpose.

Source: Twitter