Chrome: Extensions will be more secure from 2021

Chrome: Extensions will be more secure from 2021
Every day, users download over 4 million extensions for Chrome and more than 250,000 themes available on the Google Web Store in order to customize the browser interface. Starting from these numbers it is not difficult to understand why the Mountain View group is constantly committed to keeping any potential risk away from the platform. In this regard, some security news are announced today and coming soon.

Focus on security for Chrome extensions

In 2021, changes will be introduced for the ways in which the additional components will be able to access users' information, giving them greater control over aspects such as the selection of sites to which they can connect.

Focus also on transparency: from January 18, 2021 developers will have to clearly show privacy policies explaining why and how data is collected.

Protection measures that will add to those already implemented by Google in Chrome and in the store for the distribution of extensions. For example, this year the integration with Safe Browsing technology took place which according to bigG allowed to disable 81% more add-ons containing malicious code and potentially dangerous for end users.

Restando on the subject, in recent months the Mountain View group has announced that starting from February 21, 2021 it will no longer be possible to distribute paid extensions.

Source: Google