China, the antitrust investigates Alibaba (or Jack Ma?)

China, the antitrust investigates Alibaba (or Jack Ma?)
In what is now a unique case of its kind, Chinese authorities have launched investigations into Alibaba to verify the terms of the group's dominant position in the e-commerce market in the eastern country. The accusation hangs like a boulder on Alibaba since the aim is to verify that there have been no tactics that forced the exclusive supply of products to the marketplace, thus hypothesizing monopolistic practices aimed at excluding competition from the market.

China against Jack Ma's empire?

The fall on the stock market was immediate: -8% after the announcement by the authorities. The group could not help but confirm maximum collaboration, without limitations (at the moment) on the activities in place.

However, a question remains in the background that weighs heavily on the matter: Does Jack Ma have a problem with China? The name of Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba and one of the richest men in the entire eastern area) is that of an absolute protagonist of the eastern tech world, but before the fall of Ant Group and now the investigations on Alibaba clearly suggest something more than a simple study devoted to the rebalancing of the internal market.

The suspicion that behind everything there may be a political direction, in short, is clearly too strong to be dismissed. The continuation of the investigations will clarify the positions on the field. Is membership of the Chinese Communist Party, which arrived in 2020, a defensive step or a way to reach out to the world of institutions as well?