Capcom Arcade Stadium: announced the three DLC Packs with the classics of the company

Capcom Arcade Stadium: announced the three DLC Packs with the classics of the company
Announced at the 2020 Game Awards along with the new Ghost 'n Goblins Resurrection, Capcom Arcade Stadium is an exclusive collection for Nintendo Switch that will include the arcade classics of the Osaka company.

Capcom Arcade Stadium download will be free , but the basic version will allow you to play only one game freely, namely 1943 - The Battle of Midway, while the others will have to be purchased. The first purchasable game to be announced was Ghosts' n Goblins, which will be available individually. The latter will be joined by three other DLC packages divided by historical periods and containing ten games each, whose identity has been revealed in the past few hours.

Package 1: Dawn of the Arcade (' 84-'88)

Vulgus Pirate Ship Higemaru 1942 Commando Section Z Tatakai no Banka Legendary Wings Bionic Commando Forgotten Worlds Ghouls' n Ghosts

Package 2: Revolution of the Arcades ('89 -'92)

Strider Dynasty Wars Final Fight 1941: Counter Attack Senjo no Okami II Mega Twins Carrier Air Wing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Captain Commando Varth: Operation Thunderstorm

Pack 3: Evolution of the Arcade ('92 -'01)

Warriors of Fate Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting Super Street Fighter II Turbo Powered Gear: Strategic Variant Armor Equipment Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness 19XX: The War Against Destiny Battle Circuit Giga Wing 1944 The Loop Master Progear In summary, Capcom Arcade Stadium will include a total of thirty-two class ici. One for free and the remaining thirty-one for a fee: Ghost 'Goblins will be sold individually, with the remainder in three DLC packs of ten. Capcom Arcade Stadium will be released exclusively on Nintendo Switch in February 2021.