Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare Soap among the new additions?

Call of Duty Warzone: Modern Warfare Soap among the new additions?
Call of Duty Warzone, the battle royale of the famous franchise, has attracted the attention of a lot of fans and not. The strictly free-to-play title launched last March, continues today to be constantly updated with decidedly interesting news, despite the fact that in recent weeks some users have seen a return of a glitch that disappeared in recent months. The arrival of the new chapter of the brand, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War led to the inclusion of Cold War themed content, testifying once again how extremely important the spin off is for the development team.

The integration with Cold War did not inevitably interrupt the history of Modern Warfare, but quite the contrary. In fact, it would seem that Soap is the next operator to land in Call of Duty Warzone. Several months ago some insiders had discovered this small addition, but today it seems almost official. Once the "season" is complete it is possible to watch a video, which we will leave you below, in which Price is in contact with Soap asking him what his position is.

Although we ask you, as usual, to take all with pliers since the developers have not made it official to date, from the movie it would seem logical that the next operator to land on Call of Duty Warzone is Soap. If we try to reflect for a second, it is actually the last of the company missing from the title. In any case, we will keep you updated for any news regarding one of the most beloved characters of the original trilogy created by Infinity Ward.

What do you think of this news? Are you still playing Call of Duty Warzone? Would you like to see a Soap operator? Let us know in the comments below in the dedicated section. As always, we invite you to follow our pages for all the news regarding the battle royale that in recent months has been grinding record after record.

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