Buying a Porsche from home? From now on you can also in Europe

Buying a Porsche from home? From now on you can also in Europe
Porsche kicks off the sale of its cars through a brand new online channel. Buying a car of the great automotive brand can be done simply and comfortably from home. A similar initiative was launched in recent weeks by Hyundai, which launched an unprecedented digital platform called Click To Buy. It is therefore clear that the goal of the largest companies in the sector is to allow future buyers to purchase a vehicle through a simple online path.

The sales channel of the Porsche car manufacturer is operational in several States in order to optimize purchase options, thus avoiding having to go to dealerships. Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland, Slovenia and Estonia have the service already active and, soon, the United Kingdom will also be able to add to the list.

Sales figures and positive feedback of customers and dealers - said Barbara Frenkel, vice president of sales for Europe - clearly demonstrate that with our online sales strategy we have created the right conditions for the digital car trade that will characterize the future. We will continue to pursue this strategy in 2021, introducing online sales in other countries. Depending on the market, the sale of cars will take place as much as possible online, up to the home delivery of the cars to customers.

Not surprisingly, dealers in the nine countries will offer a large number of new and used cars on the online platform; offering a wide choice of production versions of the different Porsche models. However, the same platform will undergo optimizations with the aim of creating a marketplace that can include all the brand's products and services.

We have a very clear omnichannel strategy, which provides that our customers can freely switch from the online channel to the more traditional retail modes - explains Martin Urschel, Porsche vice president smart mobility & digital sales - Let's see a huge potential in e-commerce and we intend to strengthen and further expand our digital presence worldwide, leveraging the collaboration of the Porsche dealer network.

Not only Europe

The new sales strategies of the Stuttgart house have also been extended to Chinese customers, who can therefore access Porsche products using the well-known WeChat app. In addition, the purchase of some lifestyle products can also be made through the new store on Tmall, not coincidentally the largest B2C digital marketplace in the country.