Bentley Bacalar: tests continue on the English boat produced in 12 units

Bentley Bacalar: tests continue on the English boat produced in 12 units
Bentley is synonymous with exclusivity. A concept that in more than a century of history the English brand has been able to express through cars with immortal charm. The maximum expression of Bentley tradition is the Bacalar: presented last March to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the barchetta is completing the last tests before being delivered to all 12 customers.

The “Car Zero” prototype “, Made exclusively for testing, is hard at work to complete the latest adjustments. The Bacalar is a new and unprecedented project for Bentley, therefore a period of 20 weeks is required before being marketed, during which the car will be subjected to various and numerous tests to assess its reliability.

Derived from the Continental GT but completely different

The Bacalar derives from the Continental GT coupé. However, the two models do not even share a component of the bodywork and the charming little boat is made with 750 different components, 100 of which are made through 3D printing. Exclusive and refined, it best represents Bentley's engineering-mechanical and craftsmanship capabilities, offering a product that is exciting to drive and equally attentive to detail.

The driving dynamics tests have all been completed: in the wind tunnel Bacalar has certified a top speed of 322 km / h, thanks to excellent aerodynamics. Maneuverability and agility achieved satisfactory results, as well as stability at high speeds. The noise and vibration tests have also been passed. The engine is the mighty 6.0 liter W12 with 635 hp.

Currently, Bentley testers are working to assess the reliability of the vehicle, driving the Car Zero around Europe, covering thousands of kilometers and then analyzing the data obtained. The latest tests will concern the components: the car will have to face temperatures up to 80 ° to evaluate its resistance. Finally, the electronic systems will be evaluated.

Only 12

Bentley will produce only 12 Bacalars, all already sold at a price of 1.5 million pounds. The customization possibilities are numerous and will allow customers to create a customized car, according to their taste and needs. Body colors, interior materials, trims, leathers and other elements are offered for the first time on Bacalar and are not available on the rest of the Bentley range.

The Fulton theme uses wood aged 5,000 years present in the swamps of eastern England and used for the interior finishes of the passenger compartment. An exclusive and refined product, worthy of the Bentley luxury tradition and its highest interpreter. The first deliveries are scheduled for 2021.