#zonabianca and smart working to the test of 2021

#zonabianca and smart working to the test of 2021
2021 opens with the hashtag #zonabianca at the top of the trends on social networks, but what is it? It is the color that could be associated with some areas of the country with the signing of the next Prime Minister's Decree, in force approximately from the middle of the month, allowing reopening and a return to normality where the contagion index is more contained. Schools and businesses, restaurants and the hotel sector are affected, but also the movements and cultural centers that have remained closed in the last long dark months. The transition to the white zone will also say a lot about what will remain of smart working after the end of the emergency.

Smart working under the test of #zonabianca

Many have become familiar with the tools for remote collaboration, how many of them will have to face the return to the office, returning to share the desk with colleagues and abandoning the comforts of the home?

The forecasts made so far have all done roughly reference to a New Normal: there is no going back. The most far-sighted companies have been able to make a virtue of necessity by triggering mechanisms and dynamics capable of paying not only in the short term, but also in the long term, making tools such as Meet, Teams, Zoom or cloud platforms integral parts of their operating model and not exclusively a temporary remedy. In any case, new balances will be defined in the relationship between employer and collaborator, first and foremost as regards the management of expenses, ensuring that the burdens and benefits of the transition can fall on both parties fairly.

We refer to more authoritative voices in the field of health and health to assess whether it is too early or not to reopen everything. On these pages we limit ourselves to examining how some of the changes in the way of working adopted on a large scale in the last year are destined to become structural. It will have to happen, it will happen, otherwise "smart working" will prove to be nothing more than an elegant label attached to the now obsolete concept of teleworking.