A PC, a tablet or a smartphone if you request SPID

A PC, a tablet or a smartphone if you request SPID
It had been glimpsed in the folds of the political discussion in the weeks before Christmas in the form of a Smartphone Bonus, now it has ended up in the Budget Law: it is the provision that links the SPID request to obtaining a device of your choice between PC, tablet or smartphone with connectivity, on loan for use and for one year.

SPID brings with it a PC, a tablet or a smartphone

One of the declared objectives of the initiative is also that to simplify access to the tools used in this period by students for distance learning. As already happened with Phase 1 of the Voucher Plan, the recipients are once again families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euros. The confirmation comes from a tweet from Paola Pisano, Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization.

Thanks to Parliament, for 2021 the #LeggediBilancio foresees that families with an income of less than 20 thousand euros, if they request # Spid, will be able to have a PC, tablet or mobile phone on loan for use with connectivity for a year. #DAD pic.twitter.com/SQInUfgKHM

- Paola Pisano (@PaolaPisano_Min) January 5, 2021

For the moment this is the news. There will be time to explore how to access devices. The requirements listed in the version of the text circulated in December also include the registration by one of the family members to a school course as well as the absence of a fixed connection or a mobile phone contract. Constraints that would significantly restrict the recipients of what has been renamed the Digitization Kit by many parties: approximately 200,000 nuclei potentially affected for a total expenditure quantified within 20 million euros.

Source: Paola Pisano on Twitter