Minecraft Live 2022 is today: new mobs and many new features planned, when and how to see it

Minecraft Live 2022 is today: new mobs and many new features planned, when and how to see it

Minecraft Live 2022 is today

Minecraft Live 2022, the new special event entirely dedicated to Minecraft and its community, will be held today, October 15, 2022 at 18:00 Italian time: on this occasion many new features will be unveiled for the Mojang game, including the new mob that will be added as the winner of the popular vote, still active for a few hours.

You therefore have until 18:00 today to vote for your favorite mob among the three available choices: Tuff Golem, Rascal and Sniffer, which you can learn more at this address. The first is a new golem that, when animated, collects any object and takes it with it, ready to return it when it becomes a statue again.

Minecraft Live, an image The Rascal is a creature that lives in caves and loves to play hide and seek: if the same Rascal is found three times, he rewards us with an object. Finally, the Sniffer is a creature that was formerly part of the Overworld ecosystem: it is found in the form of an egg and must be healed to bring it to birth, after which it will be able to find special seeds.

In addition to the vote on the mobs, which you can carry out at this address or even directly in the launcher, many interesting news on the Mojang game and its spin-offs are also expected at Minecraft Live 2022, including updates and new content coming that could involve Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons and even the new Minecraft Legends. The appointment is therefore for today, October 15, at 18:00. The event will be broadcast live at this address or in the embed video above.

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Minecraft Live 2022 Start Time, Official Mob Vote Countdown, And Livestream

Minecraft Live returns for 2022 and players are once again able to vote for one of three new mobs. The winner of the mob vote will be added to the game in the next major content update, which will be Minecraft's 1.20 update.

Mojang Studios has dubbed Minecraft Live as the 'biggest Minecraft event of the year', as the developers state that fans can expect deep dives, exclusive updates, live gameplay, and the famous mob vote. If you're eager to watch Minecraft Live 2022 and check out all of the big reveals, we've put together the official start time, countdown, and how to watch.


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Minecraft Live 2022 Start Time And Countdown

The next Minecraft Live event will take place on Saturday, October 15th at 9AM PDT / 12PM EDT / 5PM BST / 6PM CEST. A full list of global broadcast times for the live stream can be found in the tweet below, courtesy of the official Minecraft Twitter account.

An official countdown to the end of the mob vote for Minecraft Live 2022 can be found at minecraft.net.

Minecraft Live 2022 Livestream And How To Watch

So, you know exactly when to tune in to Minecraft Live 2022, but where can you watch it? According to an FAQ from Mojang Studios, Minecraft Live 2022 can be watched live on the official Minecraft YouTube channel or via the official Minecraft website. We've gone ahead and included the live stream below, so there's no need to go anywhere!

How To Vote For A New Mob In Minecraft Live 2022

There isn't long left to go to get your vote in for the Minecraft Live Mob Vote for 2022. Voting opened on October 14th and will come to an end when Minecraft Live 2022 begins at 12PM EDT on October 15th.

There are three ways to cast your vote, the first is via minecraft.net, the second is through the official Minecraft launcher, and the third is through a special Minecraft Bedrock map. All three instances will require users to log in with their Microsoft account.

Just like previous years, there are three mobs to vote between, the sniffer, the rascal, and the tuff golem. A breakdown of all three mobs can be found on the official Minecraft website. Make sure to cast your vote before entries close later today.

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