Sonic Frontiers: that's when the review embargo will expire

Sonic Frontiers: that's when the review embargo will expire

Sonic Frontiers

The Sonic Frontiers review embargo will end on November 7, 2022, which is one day before the game's debut in stores, set for November 8 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. This was revealed by the official Twitter account of Metacritic, a well-known aggregator portal of the judgments of the international press.

Unfortunately, as we can see from the tweet below, for the moment no time has been indicated for the embargo, but precise details on this could arrive in the next few days. In any case, once finished, players can start reading online, and obviously also on the pages of geekinco, the opinions of the international press on the new Sonic adventure.

In Sonic Frontiers, the famous blue porcupine will go in search of the missing Chaos Emeral by exploring the Starfall Islands, or five vast islands, each characterized by different biomes, from lush forests to desert landscapes, as well as challenges, puzzles and enemies different.

The game also features a new combat system that combines Sonic's speed with strategic mechanics, also combining dodges, parries, counter moves, combos and the new Cyber ​​loop ability.

Waiting for the reviews we suggest you read our tried Sonic Frontiers published on the pages of geekinco last week, which confirmed the positive impressions had at Gamescom:

"The disastrous demo presented in June is only a distant memory and today, with only a couple of weeks left before the game is released, the SEGA project is decidedly more mature, defined and fun. The eye-catching pop-in effect and the graphic artifacts are proof that the development would have deserved a little more time, but after seven hours of exciting fighting on the slopes of a volcano, racing at breakneck speed between canyons and hills, acrobatic jumps and fanciful puzzles we are convinced that Frontiers can be that breath of Fresh air the series needed. That SEGA can finally break the Sonic Circle? pledging to finally rejuvenate a twenty-year formula can only give us hope for the future of the blue porcupine. "

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