Logitech gaming headphones, great for PCs and consoles, at half the price on Amazon!

Logitech gaming headphones, great for PCs and consoles, at half the price on Amazon!

Logitech gaming headphones

If you are looking for a pair of excellent gaming headphones, whose versatility allows you to use them not only on PC, but also on consoles, then you would really want to take advantage of this excellent Amazon offer which, thanks to a 52% discount, will allow you to buy a truly amazing pair of headphones, at a very small price!

We are talking about the Logitech G435, a pair of powerful and beautiful wireless headphones, originally sold for € 87.99, but today on sale for just € 42.49! A truly indispensable price, especially considering that we are talking about a wireless product by Logitech, a guarantee of performance and reliability in the field of gaming peripherals.

Characterized by an attractive style, which mixes inserts Woven to a rigid plastic structure, light but resistant, the Logitech G435 headphones are an ideal choice for those who, wanting to make a single investment, want a pair of headphones that can work perfectly with both PCs and old consoles. new generation, offering more than good performance in every area.

Comfortable and ergonomic, they have been designed taking into account the long sessions of competitive gaming by focusing, first of all, on a very low weight, as well as on a comfortable and enveloping shape, with large pavilions for the ears and a good breathability of the same.

Weighing just 165 grams, these circumaural headphones without an excellent sound power condense it, as well as a two-microphone system, which captures the sound of your voice in a precise and clean way, making online communication always clear and without interference, also reducing any background noise.

Read also: Headphones for PS4 | The best of 2022 That said, we just have to refer you to the Amazon page dedicated to the product, inviting you to buy it immediately, before it is sold out or, worse, the offer ends completely!

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