Fire Emblem Engage: Chloe introduced, a new character

Fire Emblem Engage: Chloe introduced, a new character

Fire Emblem Engage

Nintendo started the Fire Emblem Engage marketing campaign, posting regular updates about the game, especially in Japan. The last is dedicated to Chloe, one of the new characters.

An image of Chloe, from Fire Emblem Engage Fire Emblem Engage is the game with which the Nintendo Switch 2023 line up will debut, as it will be available starting January 20th. The gameplay will see some historical characters of the series return, to which new entries will be added. Nintendo is slowly showing the latter, among which Chloe, a girl with colored hair, stands out.

Chloe's voice in Japan will be from Saori Hayami. The character is a knight from the kingdom of Firene. She is described as a simple girl who adores her mistress Princess Celine. She also loves reading fairy tales and admiring landscapes, as well as looking for a way to combine these two passions of hers.

In addition to the information reported, Nintendo has released a short video to show us Chloe in action in the field. of battle. You can find it attached to the tweet below.

Her starting class is Lance Pegasus, meaning he holds a spear while riding a winged horse. He is resistant to magic, but weak against physical attacks.

In recent weeks Nintendo had also presented other Fire Emblem Engage characters, such as Louis, the armored spearman, and the protagonist, who looks like a VTuber, at least according to the fans. The game was announced with trailer and release date on the occasion of a very rich Nintendo Direct.

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