What Technology Are Used in Casinos?


Online casinos have raised their heads in the international market as big earners, and the situation in Europe is no different, because after many betting companies faced difficult times due to the pandemic. This leaves room for online casinos that are not affected by the strict restrictions and are not directly subject to Finland's strict gaming legislation. The new market has attracted many new players to the sector, who must face the same challenges as in other sectors, where the competition is mercilessly fierce and only a few big roosters can get in.

How to stand out from the crowd? Traditionally, casinos have attracted people with various events, good food and fine hotels. However, this is not possible for online casinos, so how do you attract players from all over the world to your platform? Finnish Casinos are already doing this strategy which invested in always newer tech and also attracting new punters who wants fast payout casinos in Finland.

Traditional methods include various deposit bonuses and cash rounds, but what after these? Answer: new technology. In this article, we look at some of the ways in which online casinos try to attract a new generation of players.

Easier to play

The age of the Internet has created even greater challenges for online casinos in that people are unhelpfully used to fast service wherever they are. All it takes is a couple of minutes late and the customer can easily go to another service provider. 

Instant casinos work in a way that does not require you to create a game account. Logging in to the service, depositing money and withdrawing it are all done using online banking credentials. This means that the money can be played immediately after you have confirmed the payment in your online bank, and the withdrawal is much faster than traditional methods.

The method is also very safe, as misuse of online banking credentials has been made particularly difficult for a third party via the Internet.

Live dealers

Live dealers are a well-established phenomenon in online casinos. The purpose of the technology is to convey to the player the feeling of being in the gaming room of a busy casino, where the atmosphere is dizzying, and the stakes are high. This is practically achieved with the help of technology, where the player can watch the real dealer in a real casino running, for example, roulette.

The player can, as in a real casino, bet on different games if they want, or can even just watch from the side. Due to the pandemic, people have been isolated and long for the human contact that this technology enables.

With it, you can click on your webcam and chat live with other players at the game table. However, a viable challenger has appeared for the technology, whose services are only offered by a few online casinos.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) can be considered as an advanced version of live dealers. The technology in question offers the player a completely immersive gaming experience free from the outside world. It practically enables a real-feeling casino experience from your home sofa.

Developers have the option to send a player to a traditional Las Vegas casino or even create a casino on the moon for every player around the globe. So, VR sounds like the money of the future for online casinos, but as mentioned, this may still take time.

The VR technology itself and the machinery required to run it is still relatively expensive for the consumer, so traditional online gaming will be the main source of income for online casinos for some time to come.


Online casinos also differ from brick-and-mortar stores in that to rob a casino you no longer have to leave your couch, so security is one of the big concerns that customers bring up when asked if there are things they should think about in online casinos. Casinos have found an answer to these challenges, e.g.

With SSL technology, which guarantees customers the protection brought by encryption, and with various firewalls that prevent attackers from accessing the service.

Switching to online bank authentication also brings security, as mentioned earlier. Of course, the player must also bear the responsibility that the casino he is dealing with is a respected and reliable operator. These are helped by, for example, licenses issued by the authorities and evaluations of fellow players on various internet sites.

Some of the casinos have also started to take advantage of the so-called "blockchain" technology, which guarantees even better transparency of casino games. Blockchains are used to record different game sessions, and when fraud is suspected, an operator or authority can easily check whether, for example, the structure of a game has been tampered with to further exploit the house. This creates even more trust between players and online casinos.


As the Internet becomes a bigger part of our lives, it also offers online casinos an incredible opportunity to become major players in the field. However, in a tough competitive environment, this requires foresight and investments in new technologies. The fact that players find playing fun, easy and, above all, safe will determine who among the players in the industry will succeed and who won't.

An entrepreneur cannot afford to skimp on investments in new technology, because word travels surprisingly fast these days and customers have countless different options to choose from.