The electric Kawasaki unveiled in Cologne, news at Eicma?

The electric Kawasaki unveiled in Cologne, news at Eicma?

The electric Kawasaki unveiled in Cologne

The first 100% electric motorcycle produced by Kawasaki has finally been unveiled, albeit only in prototype form, one of the Japanese Big Four when it comes to motorcycles. Although it is indeed a prototype, shown by Kawasaki during the Intermot motorcycle fair which took place in early October, the Japanese manufacturer's intentions seem to be to bring its electric on the market by the end of the year; Furthermore, by 2025 Kawasaki plans to have more than 10 electric and hybrid motorcycles in its catalog.

To the unattended eye, this Kawasaki prototype may not even look like an electric motorcycle, the effort put into it is evident in the field by the team of engineers of the Japanese company specialized in motorcycles since 1954 to maintain geometries and lines as similar to those of the current range of traditional motorcycles, with internal combustion engines. The frame used, for example, seems to have been taken from the current Z400 and adapted to its new electron core.

From the photos we can see the battery, made in a particular and refined form - as if to imitate that of a tip that can normally be found in the lower part to protect the engine. The latter, here in an electric version, is placed in the center of the bike and appears to be covered by a black crankcase that goes well with the rest of the Kawasaki small electric fairing.

Yes, baby, because we are talking about a prototype with power comparable to that of a 125cc. No engine or battery capacity specs have been released at the moment, but no doubt this information will have to circulate shortly if Kawasaki really wants to bring the model to market by the end of the year - with minimal if not totally absent changes compared to what we're seeing. in foto.

Who knows what the upcoming 2022 edition of EICMA, scheduled for Milan from November 10th to 13th, please do not reveal any further news on Kawasaki's first electric.