Xbox Series S wins new users: it is the first Xbox for half of the buyers

Xbox Series S wins new users: it is the first Xbox for half of the buyers

Xbox Series S wins new users

According to what was reported by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, on the occasion of the financial data published in the past few hours, a very interesting feature also emerges regarding the Xbox Series S, which seems to work very well as a console to expand the ecosystem towards a new public, given that for half of the buyers it represents the first Xbox ever.

It is, essentially, a confirmation of the success of the console in question, since it was probably designed for this purpose: "about half of Xbox Series S buyers is new to our ecosystem, "explained Nadella with the release of financial data, which also highlighted a record quarter for Xbox driven by console sales.

This means that the Xbox Series S works as an element to attract new audiences who have never bought an Xbox console before, effectively expanding the reach of the Microsoft ecosystem. While the Xbox Series X is arguably more suited to passionate gamers looking for high performance, as well as satisfying already loyal Xbox users, the low price of the Xbox Series S is evidently appealing even to those who had never considered buying. an Xbox previously, effectively expanding audiences in new directions.

Add to this the attractiveness of the Xbox Game Pass, which combined with the price of the Xbox Series S gives you access to a large catalog of games with relatively low costs, at least compared to other possible solutions. Despite some controversy recently arising on the possibility that the console can somehow curb the potential of the new generation, therefore, its diffusion makes Xbox Series S an increasingly important element in Microsoft's strategy.

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