PS5: Check a date for the integration of Discord and its voice chat

PS5: Check a date for the integration of Discord and its voice chat


According to an article by Tom Henderson published on the pages of Insider Gaming, the long-awaited integration of Discord and its voice chat function on PS5 will take place on March 8, 2023.

Just a few days ago they emerged on the net clues about Discord's arrival on Sony's console via the mobile app, which also confirms the integration of mobile chat. Such a sighting bodes well for the launch of the platform in the PlayStation ecosystem within a few weeks, but apparently the wait will be longer than expected.

After contacting his sources, in fact, Tom Henderson claims that Discord's debut on PS5 is still scheduled for March 8 along with the console's 7.00 firmware, as it had already announced during the summer. In short, it seems that Sony's internal roadmap has not undergone any changes in the meantime.

Also according to Henderson's informants, the 6.50 firmware of PS5 is scheduled for January 19th, but "nothing suggests that this both the Discord update "and at the moment it is not clear what new features it will bring to the console.

Keep in mind in any case that this is unofficial information and therefore to be taken with a grain of salt. Having said that, Tom Henderson a few months ago had also predicted the launch of the PS5 firmware 6.0 with incredible precision, which introduced support for 1440p, so we are talking about a certainly very reliable source.

Discord, for those who do not. knew, it allows you to organize game chats, even multiple, in a simple and functional way, so as to become an indispensable tool for communities and guilds on PC. Furthermore, it would also allow players on different platforms to communicate in the same voice chat, without using the internal one of the games, a certainly very important aspect now that more and more multiplayer titles allow crossplay.

Staying at Sony, a few days ago PlayStation London Studio confirmed that it is working on a new PS5 exclusive cooperative multiplayer game set in a fantasy London.

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