SHADOW: the Power Update to play in the cloud is underway

SHADOW: the Power Update to play in the cloud is underway


Last May, the SHADOW cloud gaming service presented what would come in the future. Now, after the latest Spotlight Keynote, the new Power Update has been launched, a new update for the service that allows players to set up a new cloud configuration for gaming. Let's see together what are the innovations that have been introduced with this new update for the service.

There are a number of lucky first users of Power Upgrade right now, and it is still possible to subscribe, but in limited quantities. But don't worry, as if you are interested, additional slots to access the Power Upgrade will be available in November and will continue to be added on a regular basis. All information on these availabilities will be provided to the most interested by email updates.

Let's see now what are the characteristics of the Power Upgrade at launch:

An AMD EPYC 7543P CPU with 4 cores and 8 threads The power of a high-end GPU, with an NVIDIA RTX A4500 ( an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 class card designed for professionals) 16GB of RAM Integrated 1Gbps fiber connection