Fallout, here is the first image of the series taken from the video game

Fallout, here is the first image of the series taken from the video game


Fallout, the hugely popular role-play video game series created by Interplay Entertainment, turns 25 this month: the first title of the retropunk saga, in fact, was launched in October 1997. To celebrate the important anniversary, Prime Video, which is creating the series taken from the videogame franchise, he published the first images relating to this adaptation on his social networks. The series, developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the same creators of Westworld, will have as protagonists Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell and Kyle McLachlan and for now there are no particular details on how to proceed with the adaptation of the plot, but apparently it will be quite faithful to the video game, set in an apocalyptic future destroyed by a nuclear war.

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Even the first image released on social media does not say much about the development of the series, but at least it seems to be relevant to aesthetics coherent retrofuturism to this saga. The most attentive fans recognized in the image Vault 33, one of the underground bunkers where humanity found refuge to escape the nuclear holocaust; this one in particular, never before appeared in video games, is located in San Diego and is one of the smallest shelters, in which only six humans have been allowed. It is therefore likely that part of the plot has to do with this location. In the foreground we also see three characters sporting the typical yellow-blue uniforms of Vault-Tec, the government agency responsible for building the bunkers.

Previously on the series taken from Fallout only a very short teaser had been released, always broadcast on a television that transmits blurred images intermittently, the logos of the manufacturers appear but, when everything goes out, reflections on the glass are seen the two bright eyes of one of the robots well known to the players of the series. It's unclear when the adaptation will arrive on the small screen, but a possible debut date is likely to be between late 2023 and early 2024.