PS VR2, that's when it will be possible to see it in action

PS VR2, that's when it will be possible to see it in action


Following the announcement regarding the launch window, Sony has announced when it will be possible to try PS VR2 for the first time ever. The viewer dedicated to virtual reality and destined for PS5 will in fact be one of the great protagonists of the last summer appointment with video games, or the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

As reported by Push Square, Sony will make PS VR2 available to attendees at the trade show. The players present on the show floor will be able to try the virtual reality viewer of the Japanese giant with a demo of Resident Evil Village, set in the Dimitrescu Castle. At the moment it is not clear if Sony will also make other games available for the viewer, but it is very likely that in reality this test is organized in collaboration with Capcom, so the hope of seeing in action Horizon Call of the Mountain (the only experience currently in development at Guerrilla Games) is definitely weak.| ); }
Finally, during today's morning, Jim Ryan has confirmed a price increase (in some territories) for PS5. The Sony home console, about two years after its launch, is available starting today at a higher price than the original one. In Italy, for example, to purchase the latest generation hardware, an extra 50 Euros are required, both for the standard and digital versions. You can read more about this by visiting this address.

PS VR2 Will Arrive Early Next Year

The PS VR2 is headed to a home near you, but not necessarily soon as a release has now been confirmed for next year. On August 22 Sony’s PlayStation France Instagram account (and now the PlayStation US account), announced a general release window for the upcoming PS VR2. The company states that the headset will arrive in early 2023. But beyond that, Sony hasn’t shared much. There’s still no specific date for the PS VR2’s launch. In fact Sony has yet to share the month of release.

Which means it could show up anytime between January and April. Prior to yesterday’s announcement, Sony has given up quite a bit of information about the headset. Earlier this year back in February, it gave a breakdown about some of the PS VR2’s main features. While also describing the decisions for adjusting the design. This included revamped controllers with advanced features like Sony’s DualSense tech.

As mentioned above there’s no definitive release date within the 2023 window. But “early 2023” means it won’t be too far off from the start of the year. Anything beyond the start of May is really the middle of the year. So consumers looking to grab one of the headsets could end up being able to buy one in the first four months. That’s also assuming that Sony doesn’t start pre-orders before then. Allowing you to secure your unit long before the release date.

Sony did pre-orders for the PS5 well ahead of time. So there is a slight chance that pre-orders for the PS VR2 will be far in advance as well.

That being said, there’s also still no word on cost. Though given the upgrades and new features, you shouldn’t expect it to be any less than the first PS VR headset. In fact it could end up being a little bit more because of the new tech and features. In addition to features and specs, Sony has shared that the PS VR2 will have a 20-game launch catalog. Which means you should have plenty to play as soon as you get one.