PS5: PlayStation London Studio unveils a co-op game set in a fantasy London

PS5: PlayStation London Studio unveils a co-op game set in a fantasy London


Through an article published on the pages of, the PlayStation London Studio team today revealed that they are working on a game, still untitled, exclusively PS5 with co-op multiplayer fights and set in a fantasy version of London.

From the article, which includes a long interview with some key members of the studio and an official artwork, we learn that the game will be a live service, so it will be supported after launch with constant injections of new content, and that is developed with the help of the Soho Engine, the studio's proprietary graphics engine.

In this regard, the co-studio head Stuart Whyte, stated that the engine was built to adapt to the characteristics of the new IP of PlayStation London Studio and that it will fully exploit the potential for PS5, despite part of the tools comes from past VR projects.

"Our Soho Engine, our internal game engine, is at the heart of what we're making," says Whyte. "This is an engine built from the ground up for this generation of hardware and the needs of the game we're making. It's designed to take full advantage of PS5. But it's fair to say that some of the tools we're using go back to the technology of VR Worlds and Blood & Truth we had on PS4. Because ultimately VR games must have super-efficient engines. "

The first official artwork of the new PS5 exclusive from PlayStation London Studio Co-studio head Tara Saunders added instead that this is London Studio's most ambitious project ever and that the game world was built to mix magical and fantasy elements with the real world, hence the idea of ​​a London Fantasy.

"It is our most ambitious game yet, ”Saunders said. "We will take all of our innovation DNA and use it for this online cooperative fighting game."

"In our concept art (the image above, ed) you can see a glimpse of a modern fantasy London. Our general theme is about mixing fantastic and magical elements with familiar worlds, and no one is more familiar with London of us. "

For the moment no further details have been revealed about the mysterious multiplayer fantasy IP of PlayStation London Studio. Not officially at least. As you may recall, in May the studio published a job announcement in which we learned that the game will offer a story that will continue to evolve from update to update after launch.

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