How to find special characters and symbols on Windows and Mac keyboards

How to find special characters and symbols on Windows and Mac keyboards

Perhaps not everyone knows that there are hidden lists of special characters and symbols on both the most popular desktop or laptop operating systems ie Windows 10 and 11 as well as MacOs. Simple procedures are enough to open these ready-to-use lists, for example to write words in a foreign alphabet or for graphic needs. Here is a practical handbook to find symbols and characters on the fly without too much effort.

How to find hidden symbols on Windows On the two most recent Microsoft operating systems, Windows 10 and Windows 11, there is a generous list available of gifs (from the Tenor portal) and emojis that can be reached with the combination of the Windows key + ";" opening a floating window. But there is also a hidden list of special characters and symbols to suit every need.

Khamosh Pathak

To open it you must:

press the Windows key + "." choose the Symbols section (which is the fifth in the list) The characters are divided into sections and categories that can be navigated at the top with, for example, those of the Latin or Greek alphabet. Just click on the one you want to immediately insert it into the text you are typing. We remind you that it is also possible to directly type the combination "Alt + number sequence" to enter characters, emojis or symbols, but you must first know the right sequence, this is a great portal to consider.

How to find hidden symbols on Mac special symbols

There are several ways to access special characters and symbols on a Mac of any year or type. The simplest way is to press the "control + command + space bar" sequence at the same time so as to open the window that includes all the emojis available and, by clicking on the two arrows pointing to the right, many special symbols called pictograms, points and stars and technical symbols. If your Mac has a Globe key (which represents a globe) just press it to directly open the list. Note: there is also a very useful search field to immediately find what you need, for example by typing "fraction" opens the list of fractions with various styles or "cedilla" for all characters with cedilla, the results appear in real time as you type and again just click or tap to import what you want directly into the text you type. Another useful method is to go to System Preferences> Keyboard> Input Sources and select "Show keyboard menu in menu bar so that you have ready-to-use access to the list whenever you want from the top of the screen. Also, if you choose Show keyboard viewer, just hold down the option key or shift to understand and learn what the key combination options are.