Getting Rid of Brush and Weeds in Your Garden or Yard

File:Brush growing on Jockey's Ridge.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Getting rid of the brush is a sort of challenge due to its nature. The brush makes even more trouble than grassy weeds do, being woody and harder to touch. What is the best brush killer and how to use it the most efficiently? Knowing about it will help you keep your lawn or garden in order and maintain it looking smooth and clean.

What Is Brush?

When it comes to lawns and gardens, “brush” is a collective name for “woody weeds.” Unlike those grassy herbaceous plants that we call “weeds,” these are harder, more rigid, and thus harder to deal with. Vines are also often seen as “brush,” and you know how hard they are to remove.

The brush even has its legal definition, which means property owners are obliged to keep track of it as well as they do of their grass and trees. So, you have one more reason to want it extinguished on your property. It finds a way, but so can you, being a part of nature too. Now, there are specialized herbicides that help you remove the brush.

How Is Brush Removed?

Like any other plant, brush species are sensitive to certain herbicides. So, the most common way of preventing the brush from appearing on your property is to kill off all the plants there and make sure they don’t reappear. This also involves the removal of all the dead plants, but it’s the sweetest part of the job, as the results are instantly visible.

It takes time for the brush to form, so you won’t have to repeat the procedures that often to get rid of them. At the same time, the brush is easy to notice as it starts emerging, so you are warned early that soon there’ll be more of it. Then, it’s time to apply the herbicide again.

How to Combine Brush and Weed Removal

Hardly does it happen that there is just the brush on your property. In most situations, there are herbaceous weeds as well. So, it would be great to kill two birds with one stone and find a solution that effectively removes both.

Luckily, there are products designed to exterminate both brush and broadleaf weeds. This doesn’t even require different methods of application. If you choose this type of product (usually, they are triclopyr-based), its active chemicals will act on both the brush and the weeds.

What you need is, though, to read the instructions. They will help you to remove the brush more efficiently and avoid killing the desirable vegetation. Some products are so selective that they only kill the plants they are directly sprayed onto. Others are not. Anyway, you’d better check not only the particular product you use but its active ingredient (triclopyr or whatever it be) to see how it will act.

Crushing the Brush

As you see, removing the brush is similar to any weed removal, except for it requires a special sort of chemicals. The precautions you should take while applying these products are also your usual measures. Take care of your skin and eyes first and avoid breathing and eating around it for about 24 hours. The process might take some time, but the brush is killable, and we hope you experience this and enjoy your clean nice lawn or garden afterward.