Volkswagen Rs from 2030 will be exclusively electric

Volkswagen Rs from 2030 will be exclusively electric

Volkswagen moves forward with the work and promises that the R-branded models will be fully electric by 2030.

The German brand is working to gradually convert its entire range, in order to be ready for 2035, when sales of petrol and diesel cars will be blocked across Europe. But with the R brand, it aims to be ahead of the times.

Volkswagen assures its fans that the electric R models will maintain the same design philosophy, and like their thermal engine predecessors, will continue to be developed starting from the concepts expressed in the prototypes developed on the track, such as the 671hp ID R which holds the Pikes Peak track record since 2018.

It seems that the whole new range will adopt the chassis called Scalable System Platform (SSP), developed exclusively for electric vehicles and which will be used by all models of the group starting from 2026, even if in the case of the R it could undergo some modifications to better match the high performance of the sports division.

Precisely because of the need to share the new chassis, the history of the R division with endothermic engines ends before its time, because otherwise it would mean having to use two different platforms (one for the electric and another for the R a heat engine), with consequent unsustainable production costs.

Given that the R range will anticipate the rest of production in its transition to electric, it is possible that the solutions that will be developed for this range will find at least part of it. also used on normal Volkswagen production.