Microsoft wants its Genshin Impact on Xbox: a rival to look for in China, for Reuters

Microsoft wants its Genshin Impact on Xbox: a rival to look for in China, for Reuters

Microsoft wants its Genshin Impact on Xbox

According to reports from Reuters, it seems that Microsoft is looking for its Genshin Impact and, for this reason, is scouting among the teams in China to find a production that can somehow rival the giant of MiHoYo.

Genshin Impact continues to be a great success but its presence, on consoles, is limited only to the PlayStation platforms, namely PS4 and PS5, thanks to an exclusive agreement signed with Sony.

Genshin Impact, an image of the game The question is rather mysterious, given that the game had been announced at least also for Nintendo Switch but of this last version all traces have been lost beyond a confirmation of its development status last May, suggesting a real exclusive console requested by Sony, although the precise terms of this agreement have not been disclosed.

In any case, Xbox has remained without Genshin Impact and Microsoft, according to Reuters, would like to remedy this gap with another title on the action RPG genre with gacha elements, probably developed by another Asian team, given that this area seems to be the greatest forge of this type of games. >
With over $ 4 billion generated in two years of micro-transactions, it's understandable how attractive Genshin Impact is to publishers. It is true that the vast majority of these purchases come from mobile platforms, but the game is always among the most played ever even on PS4 and PS5, in particular with regard to free-to-play titles.

According to Reuters, Microsoft now would like to find a counter-move and would be actively looking for a rival among the productions underway at various Chinese teams, including indie, to be approached as eligible candidates for partnership agreements, pending any confirmations. In the meantime, Genshin Impact will update soon to Update 3.2, as we have seen between release date, Nahida banner and all the news presented during the recent livestream.

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