Splatoon 3: release date of three new Amiibo unveiled with a trailer from Nintendo

Splatoon 3: release date of three new Amiibo unveiled with a trailer from Nintendo

Splatoon 3

Nintendo of America has released a trailer that shows us three new amiibo dedicated to Splatoon 3. The video also indicates the release date: November 11, 2022. You can see the video below, in the official Nintendo tweet.

The three amiibo are dedicated to the yellow Inkling, the Ocotling blue and the Smallfry. By purchasing these Splatoon 3 amiibo you will be able to get a series of exclusive in-game content, that is a series of costumes of various kinds that you can see in the movie.

In our review we explained to you that "Splatoon 3 is a game with undoubted charm that after five years tries to return to the limelight with many good improvements, but without that leap in quality and content that would have allowed it to leave its mark again. A product that chooses to build the future of the series in full continuity with its predecessor and with a few timid steps forward. If you have had fun with the previous ones it is impossible that you will not have fun with this one, newcomers will not find a welcome worthy of it, but like the others before them an experience multifaceted, fast, suitable both for whole afternoons in front of the television and for two matches of three minutes each lying in the park and connected by telephone. Without gratuitous violence and without intimate messages employers ... that's not cheap at all. "

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Splatoon 3 Amiibo figures are coming in November, but none of them are Big Man

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It feels like the heyday of Amiibo has passed, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo has stopped making new models. In fact, a new trio of Splatoon 3 figures is coming soon. A Blue Octoling, a Yellow Inkling, and a Small Fry will arrive on November 11.

A release date trailer from Nintendo gives us a look at the three Amiibo and the bonuses they’ll get you inside of Splatoon 3. The names and perks aren’t given, but the trailer shows some squid kids rocking a hip jacket, karate gi and headband, and even some Mad Max-style cobbled-together armor. There are already a bunch of Amiibo rewards to unlock in Splatoon 3 by tapping characters from the series, but the outfits teased in this trailer look particularly cool. We’ll be able to unlock them for ourselves in a month. Hopefully this is only the first wave of Splatoon 3 Amiibo, because not a single member of Deep Cut, well, made the cut. How is Nintendo gonna do Big Man like that?

In any case, the trailer also reminds Splatoon 3 players about the game’s Amiibo storage capabilities. You can save an outfit, loadout, and even settings like camera control to an Amiibo profile, letting you tap the figure on any Nintendo Switch and jump right in with your preferences all set to go. The trailer goes on to talk about the game’s photo mode and how you can place saved pictures in your locker — there are a bunch of funny Splatoon 3 locker designs out there.

Splatoon 3 players have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. The next Splatfest starts the same day the Amiibo release, on November 11. It will be a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet tie-in, asking players to vote for their favorite starter type: Grass, Fire, or Water. The event will actually run past the Scarlet and Violet release date until November 24 — the next Pokémon game releases on November 18.