The bonuses that will be enhanced by the Aid bis decree

The bonuses that will be enhanced by the Aid bis decree

In addition to news on superbonus 110%, smart working and energy discounts, the Aid bis decree, which subsequently introduces or strengthens various rules that directly impact the daily lives of citizens. Let's see the main ones.

Bonus tv Transport bonus Sports and swimming pools Psychologist bonus Precarious Pnrr stabilized What we know about the 200 euro bonus for self-employed and freelancers The application cannot be submitted before 20 September and can be forwarded to the maximum until November 30th. There will not be a click day, so it will be sufficient to comply with the income requirements to obtain the subsidy

Bonus tv

The TV bonus rises from 30 to 50 euros, thanks to which all families with Isee less than 20 thousand euros can take advantage of a discount on the purchase of televisions compatible with new signal emission standards. The measure was introduced in 2021 and then confirmed by the budget law of 2022, except now to be strengthened to increase the scope of the discount available to beneficiaries.

Transport bonus

The resources allocated to the so-called transport bonus have been increased, the incentive that allows beneficiaries to take advantage of a contribution of up to 60 euros for monthly or annual travel passes public . When the measure was introduced, with the first Aid decree, the allocated funds settled at 79 million euros. Now, that figure has been raised to 180 million.

Sports and swimming pools

The decree allocates 50 million euros to a fund to support swimming pools and amateur sports, to help the sports associations most affected by the energy crisis. Of these 50 million, 25 will be allocated to swimming pools, and the other 25 to other sports facilities, such as gyms and football fields.

Psychologist bonus

The psychologist bonus has also been extended, the compensation up to € 600 introduced at the end of May with the Milleproroghe decree designed to help people who need a psychotherapeutic path but who do not they can afford it for economic reasons. The funds allocated for the measure will increase from 10 to 25 million euros. The benefit is paid only once, it can be worth from 200 to 600 euros - depending on the Isee income - and can be used as a voucher to discount up to a maximum of 50 euros per session.

Precarious Pnrr stabilized

The temporary workers hired by the Public Administration for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) will be able to be stabilized from 2027, or at the end of the fixed-term contract, after an interview and verification of the work done .