Square Enix's new RPG is only for iOS and Android

Square Enix's new RPG is only for iOS and Android

In addition to Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix is ​​working on a new RPG. The role-playing game, however, is not intended for consoles or PCs, but for iOS and Android mobile devices and is definitely a very particular product, which is certainly not seen every day. Called Towatsugai in Japanese, the game tells the story of a homosexual couple, made up of two women, who have been separated by death and must find each other.

The original title of Square Enix's new RPG is not translatable, but a Twitter user managed to insert subtitles to the trailer, thus revealing a possible title for us Westerners. Towatsugai can be translated, according to the user of the social network, as "Eternal Coupling", thus revealing that most likely the game will certainly focus on the couple and their relationship.

Now, such an announcement has definitely little appeal for us Westerners: we are not faced with a mass product and of great appeal like other games from the Japanese publisher and developer. Despite this, the peculiarity of this title lies in the story and obviously in the characters present within the game. Surely the game will not be region locked and the hope for all fans is that it will be localized at least in English. In this way, the language barrier would also fall, thus allowing the most curious to try a decidedly different game experience, at least in terms of content.

I subbed the new Square Enix "Towatsugai" RPG mobile game teaser trailer about a lesbian couple who get separated after dying but try to make their way back to each other.

The word "Towatsugai" can be translated to "Eternal Coupling." The game will be available on iOS & Android. pic.twitter.com/Mr3EGvrh36

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Towatsugai does not yet have a release date but is expected in 2023. In addition to this new RPG, Square Enix could also be working on a new game in the Parasite Eve series, at least according to a recording of the unpublished brand. Clearly we are still in the field of rumors and speculations, so we invite you as always to wait for any official announcements on the matter. We will update you as soon as more information is available.