Project S announced with a trailer from the Dead by Daylight studio, is an open world with puzzles

Project S announced with a trailer from the Dead by Daylight studio, is an open world with puzzles

Project S announced with a trailer from the Dead by Daylight studio

Behavior Interactive and the developers of Lunarch Studios have unveiled Project S (title not final), a multiplayer open-world game with puzzles coming to PC, with a release date scheduled during the course of 2023. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer, which offers us a first glimpse of the dynamics of the title, which you can view in the player at the head of the news.

As we can see in the presentation video, Project S is set in a set of floating islands that players can explore freely by flying and completing the present puzzles, apparently quite elaborate, to unlock new areas and powers. The game can be played entirely in single-player, but if you want it is possible to group with friends and other players to tackle the various puzzles offered by the multiplayer game.

"Whether you are a puzzle enthusiast or if you are seeking a unique open world adventure, "Project S" is the perfect experience for any gamer who loves discovery. Filled with puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel, this game creates a memorable world that reveals more of itself to each visit. Missions, multiplayer modes and character progression combine to breathe new life into the 3D puzzle genre, "reads the official description.

" Experience the world around you in a variety of single player game modes or multiplayer. Share a sense of discovery as you travel together at your own pace or enjoy the peace of mind of single-player puzzle solving. "

"Explore a mysterious kingdom of islands suspended in the sky. Each area of ​​this vast open world boasts majestic vistas, distinct ecosystems and ancient architecture, creating a backdrop of peaceful beauty for every puzzle you encounter. Complete missions, find secrets and discover new islands as your travels unfold. "

"Search and solve a huge variety of puzzle types organically inserted into the landscape. From perspective puzzles, 3D mazes, environmental challenges and more, the handcrafted creations of some of the most innovative minds in designing puzzles fill the world around you. "

Behavior yesterday also announced the Meet Your Maker shooter, a new crossover event between Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil, as well as the launch of the hooked on you dating sim.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

Project S is Dead by Daylight dev’s Legend of Zelda

Project S is yet another notch in Behaviour Interactive’s belt. A far cry from the horror game aesthetics of Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker, Project S is an open-world adventure that truly channels Breath of the Wild.

From out of the darkness a floating cityscape emerges, nestled amid azure skies and fluffy white clouds. Stony structures float high in the sky, many of which are characterised by Japanese-style pagodas and lush foliage. This is our first glimpse of Project S, an all-new open-world title from Behaviour Interactive.

As the trailer progresses, we see a series of different historical styles all blending into one. From Ancient Egyptian sphynx to Grecian clothing, this mysterious realm is a mashup of high fantasy elements – why? We don’t know, but boy does it look stunning.

project s by behaviour interactive woman stands looking out at mountains

We never see our protagonist’s face, but what we do know is that their adventure will revolve around solving puzzles. Upon approaching a floating cube, it opens up to numerous different little quests, and later we see a light-puzzle that presumably needs you to line up laser beams.

Breaking this down during the Behaviour Beyond press event, CEO and game director for Project S, Elyot Grant, states “the puzzles and the quests have rewards. It is a game with progression and rewards for sure.”

Project S’s world looks incredibly vast, and absolutely beautiful. What purpose it plays remains unknown, and how our hero will shape its destiny is also a mystery.

There’s no word of a release date just yet, so it seems will will be waiting a while for Project S to make it into the public sphere. In the meantime, if you’re looking to keep yourself occupied, check out our extensive Dead by Daylight Killers list to make sure you slay survivors in style in chapter 25.