Bethesda talks about Starfield, but continues to omit the most important detail

Bethesda talks about Starfield, but continues to omit the most important detail

Bethesda talks about Starfield

After the reveal that took place during the Summer Game Fest 2022, Starfield continues to be the protagonist of Bethesda's marketing campaign. Lots of information disseminated via social media, especially YouTube. Todd Howard, however, is still reluctant to reveal every single aspect of the game, probably so as not to spoil the surprise effect of this project, the first in over twenty years to be completely disconnected from The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Among the many information that Bethesda provides us on a regular basis, however, one is missing, which makes it all very strange.

Over the course of yesterday evening, Howard revealed some more information about Starfield, focusing on on the dialogue system, which will be ina> first person. The game contains around 250,000 dialogue and is the most talked about Bethesda title ever. A good number, a good amount, which joins that of the 1,000 planets and 100 universes, without forgetting the hundreds of hours that will be spent by the players within this special project. Numbers, which, however, find the time they find. Yes, because the most important element is still missing, the real "group" of numbers that will change the mood of the players. And those figures are the release date.

Now, we know how difficult it is for a development team to work on a video game. The times are long, very often we run into terrible realities such as unhealthy workplaces and unscrupulous shareholders who impose release dates in order not to lose too much money. Yet there are instances where silence would be more appreciated and perhaps this scenario also fits Starfield perfectly. In the absence of real news, marketing could be sidelined for more substantial announcements, such as the release date.| ); }

Starfield resurrects The Elder Scrolls’ most annoying character

Bethesda is bringing back an infamous Elder Scrolls NPC for Starfield.

Earlier this week, on October 11, Bethesda posted the video just below to their official YouTube, featuring a talk with Starfield game director Todd Howard. At the three-minute 17 seconds mark in the video, a screenshot of Starfield shows the player character has “earned the attention of an ‘Annoying Fan’ who will show up randomly and jabber at you incessantly.”

If you're unfamiliar with Bethesda's storied history, this 'Annoying Fan' is a character from The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, known instead as the 'Adoring Fan.' In the RPG, the character would become a huge fan of the player character after they became Grand Champion of the Arena in the Imperial City, following them around without faltering.

It looks like Starfield has resurrected the Adoring Fan for another bout. In Oblivion, the Adoring Fan refused to fight, and although you could outright kill them, they'd respawn after three days in the Imperial City, meaning you were in for a headache if you happened to journey back there. 

This is certainly one way to make Starfield all the more intriguing. Considering the game takes place over multiple planets and constellations, we’ve got to wonder - just how far will the Annoying Fan follow you? This also has implications of the player character achieving glory in some fashion, but surely it can’t be in a space gladiator arena?

We’ll have a while yet to wait to find out just how annoying the Annoying Fan 2 really is, when Starfield launches next year in 2023. Bethesda is also bringing back the lock-picking mini-game for Starfield, just in case it wasn’t faithful enough to their roots.

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