Dead Space: EA updates on the development of the remake, there is bad news

Dead Space: EA updates on the development of the remake, there is bad news

Dead Space

A few weeks ago we saw one of the most exciting announcements of recent times. During the last EA Play event, Dead Space is back, the well-known sci-fi survival horror that scared and fascinated millions of players in the second half of the early 2000s. There is talk of a remake that is being developed by the guys from the EA Motive studio, but at the moment there is still a lot of information that is closed to us.

Electronic Arts returned to talk about the remake of the first Dead Space just recently, during the last conference held with its shareholders. According to the well-known US company, this particular remake recently announced was among the most requested titles by the company. This does not take us off guard in the least, given that the saga born in the Visceral Games studios was able to thrill many players over the course of the PS3 and Xbox 360 console generation.

But there is bad news that emerges from this conference, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson has stated that Dead Space Remake will not be released anytime soon, but that it is still one of the great games in development at EA's forges that is longtime fans of the brand, that new generation gamers were looking forward to returning to scare as it once did.

“It's still a little too soon, but what I can say is that it's Dead Space is one of the great games we have in the works. There has been a tremendous demand from players to bring this saga back, and we are thrilled with this return. We will be able to share more as development continues, ”these are the statements of the CEO of Electronic Arts.

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Dead Space Was One of EA’s Most Demanded Titles According To CEO

Dead Space is quite the beloved horror title. However, after only having three mainline installments, the IP was eventually put on ice. Nevertheless, fans have expressed their interest in the franchise despite the IP being dormant for so many years. In fact, according to the EA CEO, Dead Space was one of the most demanded video game franchises. Fortunately, fans will eventually get a remake, but it’s a way out right now.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson recently spoke with investors during an earnings call. The conversation allowed Andrew Wilson to answer questions and expand on their goals going forward. During the call, Andrew Wilson was asked about Dead Space’s remake. While we didn’t get any new details, the CEO noted that Dead Space was one of the most demanded video games they were seeing from fans. Apparently, the only IP that topped Dead Space was Skate.

Again, there wasn’t anything to expand just yet on the upcoming remake for Dead Space. Instead, Andrew Wilson said that both veterans and newcomers have requested this game. Currently, the game is being developed by EA Motive, but the EA CEO noted that it’s a bit way out. So we might have to wait a bit longer before we get any extensive new details or teasers for this upcoming project. That’s to be expected as we only just received a teaser announcement confirming a remake is being developed.

While we don’t know a ton about this upcoming Dead Space remake, it was confirmed that EA Motive is looking at the entire franchise. Therefore, the remake might be centered around the first game. Still, we could see some features and elements from the other installments incorporated into the video game remake. Currently, fans are anticipating its release along with the original creator behind Dead Space, Glen Schofield.