Pokémon Unite, fans summon Nintendo

Pokémon Unite, fans summon Nintendo

Pokémon Unite

The Pokémon Unite phenomenon is far from stopping. On the other hand, with pocket monsters, Nintendo literally built an empire and among the thousands and more different iterations (including an open world coming over the next year) it was almost natural that a game similar to a MOBA would quickly take hold. Unfortunately, since it is a free to play game and to be played online, some trolls have also begun to interface in the games, which are ruining the gaming experience.

According to what is reported in the official Pok√©mon Unite sub Reddit, trolls would act by stealing experience during kills while having creatures that don't need it to evolve in the game (such as Snorlax) or by not contributing to games. The main criticisms converge on the absence of a ban system by Nintendo and a report command that has absolutely no effect. “I'm tired of sweating four shirts trying to win a game when there's someone just running around in circles,” explains user Overlod_Mittens, in a very hard-to-read outburst.

“These users should be punished, ”reads the Reddit thread. And actually, on balance, these behaviors greatly damage the gameplay experience in Pok√©mon Unite. Both from the side of the team, which strives to win, and for those who perhaps find themselves one or more trolls against, thus ruining the taste of the competition. And it is for this reason that fans are clamoring to Nintendo for a system to punish these players, who engage in unfair and unsportsmanlike behavior, capable of destroying all the fun behind the game.

Whether Nintendo will listen to these claims we don't know yet. For the rest, Pokémon Unite still continues its climb to success and still today it is one of the most viewed games on Twitch and a good killer application for Nintendo Switch. However, considering the young nature of the game, it is very likely that the Kyoto house will only intervene later to make the MOBA experience much more enjoyable than at present.

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Five Pokémon that would be amazing in Pokémon Unite

Earlier this week, the Pok√©mon Unite Twitter account revealed that storied tank Blissey would be the next playable Pok√©mon added to the game. Since launch, the developers have already released Gardevoir and offered Zeraora as a redeemable freebie in addition to the game’s launch roster of heavy hitters.

Despite all of the game’s famous faces and powerful ‘mons like Pikachu, Charizard, and Gengar, Unite still feels like it’s missing a little something. Here are five Pok√©mon we think would be great additions to this MOBA’s lineup.

AggronAggron stands at the ready.

As it stands now, the Unite roster has no Steel types. It also has only one Pok√©mon that originated in Generation 3: Absol. As representative of Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald the Disaster-type Pok√©mon is, the roster could stand to gain a few more Pok√©mon from Hoenn.

Aggron, a Rock- and Steel-type ‘mon from Ruby and Sapphire, would be excellent as a melee Defender, as Steel types are generally tanky powerhouses with few weaknesses. (The game needs more Defenders, too.) It also has a big, imposing model that would almost certainly strike fear into the hearts of the opposing team. Aggron’s move set could include attacks like Iron Tail, Protect, and Iron Defense, all of which would allow it to take a few hits on the frontline and protect faster, less-bulky Pok√©mon like Gengar and Cinderace.

ScizorScizor flies into battle.

In a similar vein to Steel types, Unite is suffering from a distinct lack of Bug types. Scizor, a Bug- and Steel-type, is one of the fastest Pok√©mon in the base games and has a nasty attack stat to go with it, making it a great choice for a future Speedster Pok√©mon. With moves like X-Scissor and Slash, Scizor could pack a punch and get out fast.

Scizor evolves from Scyther, a slightly slower but no less imposing Bug -type from Generation 1. Scizor has appeared in other Pokémon spinoff games before, like Pokkén Tournament, so it would make sense for it to appear in another fighting-focused title.

EeveeEevee gives a cute smile to the camera.

One of Unite‘s coolest mechanics is the ability to evolve midbattle. Evolution grants your Pok√©mon more power and lets you style on the opposing team even more. Who would be more suited to that than Eevee, the Evolution Pok√©mon? Eevee was the headliner in Pok√©mon Let’s Go, Eevee! and the starter Pok√©mon in Pok√©mon XD, so it’s arguably almost as much a figurehead of the franchise as Pikachu is.

While its stats and moves aren’t much to look at initially, the ability to choose to evolve into one of several different Pok√©mon based on the way a Unite Battle is going would introduce a lot of strategy to the game. (Other Pok√©mon that have more than one possible evolution could also take advantage of this.) Even letting Eevee evolve into a random form in the middle of battle would be a lot of fun: You’d never know what to expect!

DittoA big, smiling Ditto.

Similar to Eevee, Ditto’s stats and moves aren’t worth anything on their own. Its unique quality is that it can transform into an opposing Pok√©mon on the battlefield, copying its health, type, and moves. Being able to transform into a Pok√©mon that’s within a given range to Ditto would be a fun, dynamic way to engage in team fights. This ability would likely only last for a certain amount of time, after which Ditto would need to retreat and protect itself from more powerful Pok√©mon. Beyond the strategy it would add to the game, playing Ditto would also be a great way for new players to learn the moves and abilities of the game’s roster.

MewtwoMewtwo stands imposingly.

This one might be cheating a little bit, because I don’t think Mewtwo should be a playable character. Instead, Mewtwo would be a great choice for the next nonplayable legendary that appears on the battlefield near the end of a match, like Zapdos does now. Like Scizor, Mewtwo has appeared in Pokk√©n Tournament as well as Super Smash Bros., meaning that Nintendo knows its power and status as a legendary fighter. Mewtwo’s strong Psychic-type moves would make it a tough foe to face at the end of a match and a powerful ally if you win it over. Unlike most Pok√©mon, Mewtwo also has a little bit of a backstory as a failed clone of Mew. An event or other special occasion would be a great way to show off Mewtwo’s power.

Based on the rate that Nintendo has been revealing new Pok√©mon, it’s likely that Unite‘s roster will grow exponentially in the next few months, especially considering the game’s impending mobile release in September. While it’s unlikely that established mechanics will be upended by something like Eevee’s multiple evolutions or Ditto’s transformational abilities, it’s still fun to consider the potential across the seemingly endless number of Pok√©mon.

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