Konami: Metal gear veteran working on secret game

Konami: Metal gear veteran working on secret game


In the recent past, Konami has drawn attention mainly through the publication of games that came from external development studios. But what is actually happening at the moment in the internal teams of the Japanese group? It had become surprisingly quiet around them. Meanwhile there is at least one small sign of life - from a Metal Gear veteran.

This is Ikuya Nakamura, whom fans should probably know. After all, the Japanese worked on many titles in the popular game series. Among other things, he was on board as a designer and graphic artist for the first Metal Gear Solid, which was launched in 1998 for the PlayStation. He was also on board for the work on Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Recently, Nakamura changed the information on his Twitter profile, which numerous fans did immediately made people sit up and take notice. There you can read that he is working on a previously secret project at Konami. As part of the development, he functions as both an author and a designer. Unfortunately, further details about the mysterious game cannot be found on Ikuya Nakamura's Twitter profile, which logically leaves a lot of space for speculation. The last project the Japanese worked on for Konami was the much-criticized Metal Gear Survive. Another offshoot of the Metal Gear range may be in development that the public doesn't know about yet. Konami is currently pending a statement.

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Metal Gear Solid Veteran Ikuya Nakamura is Working on an Unannounced Game at Konami


Konami’s miserable presence in the gaming industry these last few years has been depressing to see for all the fans of its many beloved properties, but recent months have seen several leaks and rumours swirling around that have suggested that some of those properties might be on the verge of coming back. Many (if not most) of these are supposedly being made with external developers though, so what’s actually going on with Konami’s internal development teams?

Well, something is definitely going on. Interestingly enough, Ikuya Nakamura – a Konami veteran who’s been involved with pretty much every Metal Gear Solid title in a number of different roles – has mentioned in his Twitter bio that he’s currently working on a new, unannounced game (via Reddit). According to his bio, Nakamura is serving as the game’s writer and designer. Nakamura’s last game was Metal Gear Survive, so it should be interesting to see what he’s been working on since then.

Some leaks have suggested that a Metal Gear Solid revival is in the works, with Konami planning on licensing out some of its biggest IPs. Leaks have also strongly suggested that multiple new Silent Hill games are in the works, one of which might be being developed by The Medium and Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team.