Bugatti, new model in 2024 but with a preview

Bugatti, new model in 2024 but with a preview


During the latest Monterey Car Week in California, Mate Rimac spoke to youtuber Manny Khoshbin about the imminent future of the Bugatti brand after the merger with "his" car manufacturer. The next model will arrive only in 2024 but will be preceded by special presentations and probably a concept version. Certainly, the founder of the eponymous brand assures, it will mark a clean break with the recent past. This should mean the definitive farewell to engines and designs of the latest Bugatti, also because the switch to electricity had already been announced.

With the experience gained in the development of the recent Nevera, Rimac could resume many of the same technological solutions for the new Bugatti. Also because it would not make sense to do the opposite, that is to develop brand new production lines for a car produced in limited numbers and with an exorbitant cost. Certainly, the level of curiosity around the next Bugatti is already high given that the now mythological Veyron had redefined automotive standards back in 2005. It was the first mass-produced car to overcome the 400 km / h barrier, then raised further by the later models.

Returning to Rimac's declarations, within the next year we should know more about the new Bugatti which seems to have been in the planning stages for several months (perhaps before the new joint venture with Porsche). Rimac intends to “restart” the brand with a new series of vehicles that span the entire current automotive catalog. So much so that, in the hypothesis of the founder, there is also talk of SUVs or strange combinations that no one has yet thought of. The common line should be, as always, the exaggerated level of performance and the more than exclusive price.

It will be interesting to see what Rimac will be able to come up with since already with the Nevera he has shown that he knows his stuff on the Hypercar field. But to be successful, it will take much more than a very fast "solo" car considering the history that accompanies this brand. For sure, all the smallest rumors about the new project will be observed with the microscope, given what the Bugatti name represents for many enthusiasts.

Bugatti’s Next Model Could Debut In 2024, Will Be Built From The Ground Up

Shortly after it was announced that Rimac and Bugatti will merge, Mate Rimac made an appearance at the Monterey Car Week and during his time at the event, revealed some interesting information to Manny Khoshbin.

While some may best know Khoshbin through his YouTube channel, he is a real estate mogul that has owned a host of rare Bugatti models and is one of the automaker’s most important clients. So, when he asked Mate about when we can expect to hear about the next Bugatti, the founder of the Croatian car manufacturer was very forthcoming.

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According to Mate, Bugatti’s most loyal customers will probably hear about the next Bugatti within the next 12 months before it is publicly announced in roughly three years. Mate adds that the company has started from the ground up with this new model, indicating that it will not be related to the Chiron in any way. Work on the car has apparently been underway for more than a year.

Earlier this week, Mate Rimac revealed in separate interviews that he won’t play things safe as the boss of Bugatti and wants to return the fabled French automaker back to its roots by producing a host of different models, all with electrified powertrains.

“With this brand, you can do so much,” he said. “Maybe an SUV or long hood coupe or something absolutely insane that no one thinks about.”

Given Rimac’s exclusive focus on all-electric powertrains, it will be interesting to see if its merger with Bugatti will spell the end of famed quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 that has powered the Veyron and Chiron.