Metroid Dread, all the news in the new gameplay trailer

Metroid Dread, all the news in the new gameplay trailer

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread returns to show itself with a new gameplay trailer that shows the protagonist Samus threatened by the many different enemies that inhabit the horrifying planet ZDR. Along with the new video was also published a post on the Nintendo website called "a detailed analysis of the latest trailer" which adds other interesting details to what is visible from the trailer.

Samus is visible in the Metroid Dred trailer attacked by a mysterious Chozo immediately after landing on ZDR. The Chozos were a very advanced sentient species whose life purpose was to bring peace to the entire galaxy. Statues of this species are scattered throughout many Metroid games, but this is the first title in the series where players will encounter a living and living Chozo. So what is a dark Chozo warrior doing and still inviting here? And why is she attacking Samus? We can only find out at the launch of the game, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Beyond this important plot element, the trailer also shows many noteworthy gameplay scenes: fans for example will surely have recognized the Kraid, a beast that Samus has already had the opportunity to face before Metroid Dread. The video also introduces a multitude of skills and weapons, including news and things already known:

The Instant Sprint for example allows Samus to cover short distances in lightning-fast times. The Pulse Radar makes Samus emit special sound waves to scan the environment around her, identifying blocks that can be broken. The Hook Radius allows it to swing from one height to another to overtake empty spaces. The Frost Missile has a freezing effect as its name suggests. In some cases it can also be exploited to overcome some platforms. The Storm Missile allows you to fire bursts of small missiles. The Crossed Bomb explodes in four directions. The Supercinèsi allows Samus to accelerate to a very high speed that takes down certain obstacles and enemies. The Comet activates after the Supercinèsi to catapult itself in a straight line to destroy more resistant enemies and obstacles. The Screw Attack is activated after a Spinning Jump, allowing Samus to envelop himself in an energy capable of damaging enemies and damaging obstacles. Metroid Dread is the new game in the 2D metroidvania saga announced during E3 2021, and arriving on October 8, 2021 with the new Nintendo Switch OLED. Players will explore the planet ZDR to uncover the truth about the mysterious and powerful enemies seen in today's trailer. In the meantime you can read our preview.

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Metroid Dread Trailer Features The Return Of A Classic Villain

A new trailer for Metroid Dread has gone live, which features Samus apparently at odds with the Chozo. The race of warrior-like alien bird-people has long been referenced in the Metroid series, although the actual details on the disappearance of the entire race have only been vaguely hinted at over the years.

The new trailer shows Samus under attack from a mysterious Chozo warrior, with Nintendo describing the species as a 'highly intelligent and technologically advanced' race that once sought to bring peace throughout the galaxy. Something eventually went wrong once the Chozo civilization reached its breaking point, and it'll be up to Samus to uncover this mystery.

In addition to that revelation, the trailer features other notable scenes which include a beast that appears to be Kraid, an enemy that Samus has fought before. Just like in older games, Samus will be able to upgrade her arsenal throughout her journey, with tools such as Flash Shift that gives her a brief burst of super-speed, the classic Grapple Beam, and the Storm Missile which can lock onto multiple enemy targets.

Back in July, Nintendo revealed that the light-blue suit Samus wore in an earlier trailer is the same suit that she wore in Metroid Fusion. 'In Metroid Dread, Samus' suit appears to have changed quite a bit from her previous missions,' Nintendo wrote. 'This is the result of the organic suit from Metroid Fusion--which was greatly transformed following the attack by the X parasitic lifeform and the injection of the Metroid vaccine--gradually returning to its original, mechanical Power Suit form.'

Metroid Dread is out on October 8 for Nintendo Switch, which just so happens to be the same day that the Nintendo Switch OLED model launches.

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