Hyundai M.Vision X, the concept car ready for the Coronavirus

Hyundai M.Vision X, the concept car ready for the Coronavirus

Hyundai M.Vision X

Hyundai Mobis (Hyundai's spare parts division) was serious when it presented a futuristic self-driving electric vehicle called the M.Vision X in recent months. Few had given weight to the first announcements, instead a concept version is ready that will be presented shortly during the IAA Mobility fair in Munich (7-12 September).

But what exactly are we talking about? A fully automated and robotic vehicle for transporting people around the city (minibus type), with all the cutting-edge technologies available today. And, above all, with the predisposition to control passengers from a Coronavirus point of view: and no, it's not a joke.

As you can see from the video at the bottom of this article, the M. Vision X provides for the control of temperature before allowing passengers to enter. Evidently, the parent company considers Covid a permanent presence of our reality also in the coming years and, given the current situation, we cannot blame it. Also considering that, in addition to checking the temperature, the vehicle sanitizes the environment after each journey using ultraviolet rays.

Naturally, we are talking about an electric-based vehicle that will use the four steering wheels to move easily in tight spaces and will have multifunctional screens all over the place. Even the windows are actually displays that project various images and videos inside during the journey. The passenger quarters are instead designed around a central column also full of interactive screens. During the journey, various forms of entertainment such as music or video games can be played on this unit.

Speaking of Level 5 autonomous driving, there is no intervention by the driver who is in fact absent. Only this detail makes us understand how far we are from the actual launch of the M. Vision X: if even Tesla is struggling to reach the goal of 100% autonomous driving, let alone when they will be able to circulate like taxi without drivers.

But Hyundai Mobis doesn't want to hear reasons and is convinced that its prototype really represents the future of metropolitan mobility. We will see the impressions coming from the Munich show and if what was announced in the trailers is really working. For now, the M. Vision X looks more like a perfect idea for cinema than a truly achievable vehicle.

Hyundai Mobis to debut AI-controlled M.Vision X concept at IAA

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Hyundai Mobis will make its debut at IAA next month with the unveiling of its new artificial intelligence-controlled M.Vision X concept.

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The South Korean automotive supplier announced the vehicle will be in the spotlight at the national auto show in Munich, Germany from Sept. 7 to 12 as part of a larger overall strategy in Europe.

“Hyundai Mobis is continuously expanding its electrification capabilities in Europe,” the company confirmed in a press release, “and has established new production lines for core electric vehicle parts.”

The all-electric four seater can be controlled by voice and gesture recognition through a central cockpit, or completely autonomously. And while passengers aren’t worried about driving, they can be entertained by 360-degree experience where all windows are capable of turning into interactive displays.

“The M.Vision X offers highly innovative technology solutions and a unique reinterpretation of the automotive interior,” the company added.

“This integrated centre cockpit communicates with passengers in a contact-free fashion using the gesture recognition functions. As a result, passengers can control all driving-related functions, e.g. the autonomous driving mode, AI speakers and infotainment.”

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An important distinction for the vehicle is the lack of contact necessary with the actual interfaces to operate. In a world still navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, the M.Vision X is taking all precautions into account with the touchless controls and a new interior sanitization feature.

There is also a sterilization function that uses UV lighting to automatically sterilize the vehicle once the passengers get out of the car,” the company said. “This new technology is also a feature of M.Vision X.”

Along with the M.Vision X, Hyundai Mobis will also showcase a suite of technological enhancements at IAA, including specific details around the all-electric IONIQ 5.